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Rose chairs restoration, 2

As I mentioned in the previous entry about this project, er... 3 months ago... "One of the sticks was damaged and broke into the casing (...) which is too bad. I've been emptying the "casing" with a tool I don't know the english name of. It is slow and annoying because of my arm and because I would need another of these tools in a smaller size, too. The stick will need some structural repair."

Mainly because of physical problems I stopped working on this, and then, like everything else, I forgot about it :P Despite all the pieces have been lying around the house :P

Today I decided to advance a little. I asked my boyfriend Pim for help (he is home in sick leave) and in a moment he finished emptying the "casing":

I saw(ed ?) a "channel" in the "stick", adjusted the width and straightened the walls, I found some beech sticks (I don't have any oak or chestnut wood around, but beech is hard too) and pieced the missing part with them. I also filled the extra space the channel made with the stick I saw(ed ?) off first, from the same wood. I glued it all togheter and now it is drying. In the picture the glued stick is compared to the other twin stick. It looks like a mess now I guess ;P It will be cleaned up and shaped once it is dry:


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