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Fuck this

Our boss has been making us work the last few weeks, and of course now there is nothing to do anymore, except pretend to be busy.

I don't even know what the hell to do or read on the internet anymore, I am bored OUT OF MY SKULL, and biting my fingers till they bleed.

Wasting time like this is not very nice. And the minutes become hours, FFS.


It's cold as fuck and the heating doesn't work. Which is a great motivator to actually put the kiln on and do some enamelling!

Sloe berries

We just came back from a nice walk next to the abbey in Heverlee, we took a lot of pics, I will try topost some later.

I also picked a good bunch of sloe berries, to make sloe gin! yum.



For my birthday, Pim gave me two really good filters for the camera, a Skylight and a Polariser.


It's a boy!

I was never 100% sure of the kitten's gender... my first look back at my aunt's house I thought it was a boy. Everyone had a look and we just couldn't see any balls. We decided it was a girl.

For this last week, I've been doubting. And well, today I was pretty much sure it was a boy, and the vet confirmed it. It's just a late bloomer this one.

So he has been renamed Loki ;P

A close friend of mine has a kitten of similar age named Loki as well, so it is a bit lame of me but... apart that this kitten lives about 2000 km away, well, Loki would have been my first choice for a male kitten, especially one as mischievous as this one! And well, it was Pim's first choice as well.

He is growing so fast! 2 kg and counting.


Sewing corner

I have spent the entire day cleaning up and organising my sewing corner (also all the ironing things are there). It had become an incredible sprawling mess in the last year or so, to the point that sewing anything was a daunting task, finding anything impossible.

I also hanged all the scissors on a board. It is all now neat and tidy, and I have even oiled the sewing machine (go me). I also smallified one of Pim's t-shirts that he didn't wear anymore because it was seriously a potato bag. That is all.


Pim just hanged my old speakers that we brought from Barcelona in the kitchen. Now we can cook while we listen to METAL!! \m/




I'm done smallifying! just washed them. Here are almost all my band t-shirts, a few that were clean are not there ;P

From front to back: Darkthrone*, Obituary*, Deicide*, Anathema*, Darkthrone, Cathedral*, Paradise Lost*, Katatonia, Celtic Frost, Bolt Thrower*, Ataraxie#, Unleashed, Metallica*, Anathema*, Paradise Lost*, Doom-Metal.com, an old black longsleeve, My Dying Bride#.

So, all those with * is the ones I have fixed, almost all of them! I made a longsleeve shortsleeve (Obituary), and a longsleeve into a shrug (one of the Paradise Lost ones, that was an "unofficial" one). Also the Metallica t-shirt I made it sleeveless.
Ah, and the ones marked with # are self-made (logo painted). The MDB t-shirt I made it many, many years ago because I could not find any. It was only many years later that I saw them for sale in Barcelona, and then out of spite I didn't buy any. So I only even had my self-made one, and this was my favourite band, hehe.

I've had to piece some of the t-shirts. A couple with super wide prints on the back, I placed the print sideways, then had to piece the top. On the Darkthrone longsleeve, I had to add lenght to the sleeves (with the sleeves of the Metallica t-shirt, which is a lot older but was still black... haha).

Well, I took a few pics of the process, when they are dry and ironed I will ask Pim to take a few pictures with them on. I should have taken before pictures with them on, but I think I only did this for one t-shirt...

Thrilled that I can wear all these again!

Cat videos

Lilit in Barcelona, August.

two moreCollapse )



On my new jewellery table.

at the office

Male coworker: *walks in with his trousers caught up into his socks*

Several female coworkers: *point and laugh*

Me: Hey, I like it.

Couple of coworkers: *sarcastic laughter*

Me: No, really, I like it, knickerbockers!

Female coworker: Hehe, yes of course.

Me: If I was a man I would look very weird, I think.

Female coworker: Don't worry, you already do!

Me: Why, thank you :D


Vacation, cats, t-shirts

I should make an update about the vacation, as I am running the risk of approaching the date when I just don't feel like it anymore, as has happened many times in the past ;P

The thing is we took thousands of pictures, and it would be a pain going through all of them to make a selection.

Perhaps I should just divide them in sections, and make a quick photoshop gallery of each with a small description. That would also be nice for me since otherwise I don't think I am gonna have another look at the pictures ever again...

Wonder what to do about the bunch of videos though...

In other news, cats.

The little devil is now Lilit(h? I prefer short names) for sure. She can't sit still unless she is sleeping. She chases poor Mino around, biting and clawing (not hard at all though) his ears and neck, jumping on his back and playing with his tail. He only gets pissed off when she touches his tail, Mino's tail is sacred, even I can't touch it. I hope she will get the hint about the tail or they won't become real friends.
Mino is such a good, patient cat, though, poor him.

Iris is still afraid and hissy, but I see a very slow improvement. The problem is that Lilit is not afraid at all, and Iris' long and bushy tail is more than any kitten can resist. So some clawing (mostly at the air) and some hissing ensues, followed by kitten with puffed tail running away, more amused than anything it seems.

I keep the kitten separated while we are not home, with her own food, sand and toys, and let all the cats loose in the evening and a while in the morning under supervision. If it gets out of hand they get separated again.

Lilit was an outdoors cat and she likes to jump into the big jungle plant pot and make a mess, digging dirt out of the pot (and taking a piss if you are not fast). We are taking the water spray at her, but so far it doesn't seem to be working.

I hope all this won't last too long. Pim is not too happy to have a kitty litter tray in the bedroom either.

In other news, t-shirts.

I have a post typed out about this, but I will only post when I have pictures. So here I will just mention it. I brought home my old and huge 90's band t-shirts, and I am altering them into "girlie" t-shirts. Made a couple yesterday evening, great success so far, I am thrilled.

I am now thinking about one of the t-shirts I have. It is an "unofficial" Paradise Lost longsleeve t-shirt of very little value, apart from a fake, it is a quite crappy print, and it has a huge christ on a cross (the crappy painting in the back of the album "Gothic") at the back, which I am not really willing to wear at this point ;P

I found this tutorial to make a shrug out of a t-shirt, and I thought maybe I can do something of the sort with the t-shirt. I can use the front (logo) for the back, and the back with the christ all gathered up for the front.
Or else the sleeves, which have the logo printed on them I think, for the front, and then I could make sleeves from leftover fabric or ruffles with the christ print or who knows what.
I hope it won't end up too tacky...

Almost home

We are now in Arles, last stop before we get home. I haven't had internet most of the time during this trip, so I have much to catch up...

One big news, is that we have brought this little red devil back home with us:

We have called her Lira, but we may have to change that to Lilith because she really is a little devil!

Here are all the cats in the very nice hotel room in Arles:

The hotel is a really nice stone house. I should take more pictures tomorrow. And they accept cats (the lady even came to the room to see them). Arles is a really, really nice town, with the most charming narrow streets and buildings. At least it would be if not for the bullfighting references I see everytime I turn a corner (no joke). There even is a bull head in the hotel lobby. We had dinner in an amazing little restaurant, quite by chance, but... guess what is in the menu as well. And they put a huge duck liver in Pim's plate. France is France I guess.
It is just so blatant and shameless, like I've actually never seen in Spain. But hey. I am from Catalonia after all. But really, anyway... I am a little appalled.

Oh well, home tomorrow with a HUGE load of stuff (amazing what fits in this car), which we have to reorganise at home, and cats ane everything, and Monday to work... it's gonna be a while until I catch up...
I actually didn't have time to do anything or see anyone of the little I had planned for Barcelona. The emptiying of my dad's flat and moving all his stuff out took virtually all of our time and then some...

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